The Selinda and Linyanti -These adjacent wildlife areas are well known for their ever-changing vistas, from dry pans and open plains to riverine and woodland habitats. Famed for the great elephant herds that migrate here during the dry season, the Linyanti also showcases an abundance of antelope species and an impressive array of birdlife including the crimson migrants, the Carmine Bee-Eaters. Particularly well known for its lion and wild dog population, this area is roamed by many other predators as well, from the graceful cheetah, to the elusive leopard, to the sly hyena.

These pristine sanctuaries are perfect for traditional safari excursions in open 4×4 vehicles, and there are also boating options, opportunities for seasonal fishing, walking safaris and nocturnal forays beneath the dazzling African skies, in search of the more secretive creatures of the night.