Etosha – Etosha owes its unique landscape to Etosha Pan. Once an inland lake millions of years before the continental shift, it is now a vast, shallow depression, eerily pale in contrast to the predominant redness of the surrounding desert landscapes. Sprinkled with water holes, this natural oasis attracts a multitude of bird varieties as well as mammals.

The Etosha National Park in the north has been Namibia’s prime game-viewing destination since 1907, comprising an area of 22,270 square km that is home to a multitude of rare species including Black Rhino.

Huge herds of springbok, zebra, and wildebeest gather to drink at the few permanent watering holes during the dry winter months. Against the stark backdrop of the mineral pans and the savannah plains, these animals roam, undisturbed by the privileged few who can enjoy the wondrous beauty of Etosha.