Whether it’s your first safari, or even if you are a wise, experienced returning traveler, the allure of Africa may go “Beyond the big 5”, and extend to specific special interests.

  • Photography – the digital revolution has made the camera very much part of an all-encompassing safari. Perhaps you want to return home with that award-winning picture or simply impress friends with your new-found digital technique and art.
  • Primates – do you yearn to sit quietly in the presence of a great Silverback – the family head  of only 700 Mountain Gorillas said to be left in the world?
  • Rare animals & birds – the elusive Aardvark may be on your list of ‘must sees’ or perhaps for birders it is the Angolan Pitta or Shoebill.
  • Cultures  and Traditions – study and share in the precious yet waning customs of the colourful Samburu of Kenya, the ochered Himba of Namibia , and join in a trance with bushman  of the Kalahari.
  • Astronomy – studying the architecture of the night skies of the southern hemisphere or simply star gazing is a soothing finale to yet another incredible day in Africa.

Remember, to achieve your individual goals many considerations need to be taken into  account, such as seasons, locations, park timing etc. So share with us your special interests and we’ll strive to make your dream trip come true.