JS & JS – Florida

Fausto, you were instrumental in making this one of the best experiences of my life. More than that, though, just know that in these 3 weeks you changed the vector of and enriched the lives of my 3 young boys who I hope one day will make a measurable impact in the world. You have a genuine gift, you stand tall as a human being and we are grateful to know you.

Fausto and Josie, thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. Fausto, thank you for transmitting your passion for this land and its animals in such a contagious way and with such incredible clarity - you are King of your trade. We are so grateful to Josie as well, this trip would no have been possible without her either. Josie, it was perfect down to every detail. I am so humbled by these lands and yearn to return. You have made a mark on us for which I am so thankful.