IH – Los Angeles

We had the pleasure of being guided by Fausto on our three-generation family safari in Botswana last summer. We arrived in Africa confident in Josie’s excellent recommendations and impeccable planning for our two weeks in Botswana.

While the individual safari camps provide capable guides, words can hardly convey what traveling with Fausto added to our experience. The depth and breadth of his knowledge of the natural world – from the smallest insect on the ground to the farthest star in the sky – added a dimension to our journey that we would have never had without him.

As if his encyclopedic knowledge of the bush weren’t enough, Fausto is also a charming dinner companion, an expert wrangler of grandchildren and stray lens caps, and an all-around unflappable facilitator. He spared us the typical foreign country travel worries, whether shepherding us over dusty airstrips or through foreign airports. Just as Botswana left an indelible mark in our hearts, so did Fausto. We look forward to future adventures with him.