John M. Fahey, Jr. President and CEO National Geographic Society

I’m privileged to have an opportunity to recommend Fausto Carbone as guide for any group, organization, or individual visiting Sub-Saharan Africa.

I had the good fortune to travel to Southern Africa this summer with a relatively small group under the auspices of the National Geographic Society. Fausto was our guide.

He proved to be not only deeply knowledgeable of natural history and local cultures but was a superb communicator. Fausto uses an almost encyclopedic understanding of fauna and flora along with a pleasant and, at time very humorous approach, to engage his audience. I can say without hesitation that Fausto was considered by all to be a key linchpin in the trip’s overall success.

Often overlooked is the role a guide plays managing the logistics of the tour. Here again Fausto exceeded expectations and seemed to deal with a complex itinerary and its inevitable surprises with good judgement and quiet efficiency.
The National Geographic Society will surely choose Fausto Carbone to lead trips for us in the future.