SR & LR – Boston

Fausto, Our trip to Africa has been amazing because of you. You have been an unending fountain of knowledge - I truly cannot believe how much you know about so many different subjects.

You have opened our eyes not only to a new part of the world but also to a new way of understanding. You were incredible with our kids - patient, meeting each one where they were, encouraging and at the same time challenging them to think. Your entire demeanor conveys a refreshing respect for all people, animals, plants & the environment. LR

There are no words to express all you have done for our family. You have made our journey something we will cherish forever. Your incredible knowledge on countless subjects combined with your unwavering patience and kind nature made spending every moment with you a treat. Of course the way you educated our children was something to behold/admire. Of course your kindness to my mom was much appreciated. SR