Greg, Dana, Alex, Emma, Andrew, Reis White – MASS

Giving a reference for Fausto and Josie of Africa Bound Safaris is an easy thing to do. My family have just completed a year long adventure around the world; 31 countries with even more guides and ground operators. We have been keeping a list of favorite guides along the way.

All 6 of us have Fausto and Africa Bound Safaris as number 1 amid a field of really tough competitors. The reason for this is simple: Africa is extraordinary and both Fausto and Josie open its doors in an intimate, knowledgable and responsible way. Josie crafted an itinerary that built to a crescendo, all the while keeping an eye on the budget as if it were her own money. Fausto brought Africa’s complicated and inter-related geology, anthropology, zoology and evolutionary biology to life in an accessible and exceedingly effective way.

The kids learned everyday at his side. All four kids cried at our farewell dinner. That says it all. These guys are the best and we have already begun dreaming about our next chance to visit that remarkable continent with them again.