Based in Africa, Africa Bound Safaris is headed up by Josie and Fausto Carbone. Our professional and knowledgeable team is committed to listening to you in order to truly understand your travel interests and expectations. Every year we travel extensively throughout Southern and East Africa, developing relationships with camp and ground operators so that we can keep our finger on the pulse of changes in the field. We are dedicated to using our expertise and first-hand experience of the regions to design and plan your perfect journey.

Born and raised in Africa, we are all aware of the overwhelming array of choices that travellers are faced with when planning a trip to Africa and truly understand the logistics of getting around. Allow us to take you on a journey that combines enriching and educational experiences not only into beautiful wilderness areas but also into contact with uniquely distinctive groups of people. With many years of experience, we are passionate and constantly curious about Africa, its wilderness areas and its people.

Fausto Carbone

Born in North Africa to Italian parents, Fausto moved to Zimbabwe, from the Congo with his family in 1974. It was here, as a teenager, that his passion for wildlife and his love of the bush took hold.Curious and observant by nature, Fausto learned all that he could in those early years about mammals, insects, birds and astronomy.

As a college student, he took a detour into Civil Engineering. Soon after qualifying in ’86 he switched gears and became a professional guide, leading canoeing and walking safaris.

Years on and many adventures later, Fausto continues to lead and guide individuals, families and groups (including university and professional photographic and television teams) through Southern, East and West Africa and the Congo Basin. He is able to inspire and captivate the imagination of his guests through his knowledge, deep respect for nature and his outstanding interpretative skills. He sees his role as a guide to be multi-faceted: teacher, tracker, conservationist and eye-opener!

Equally confident and at ease guiding professional groups or families, Fausto particularly enjoys imparting his knowledge to children on family safaris. He truly believes that knowledgeable kids will be good stewards of the land and will preserve their heritage for future generations.

Fausto’s knowledge and respect for all facets of the natural world, as well as his unending curiosity, good humour and patience, make him a memorable and inspirational guide.

Fausto, you opened our eyes to this continent that was so foreign, vast and endlessly mysterious in such a profoundly deep and moving way. You’ve sparked a curiosity in so many way, we will be back to continue our learning – thanks with enormous respect and admiration. MS – NY

Josie Carbone

Josie’s interest in nature and wildlife began at an early age growing up on a farm in northern Zimbabwe. Endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic, Josie developed and managed several successful service businesses before aligning her strategic energies with her love of the bush.

Like Fausto she has experience in camp management, a critical factor in her understanding of the guest experience. For the past 15 years her values, rigor, operational prowess, and networking strengths have merged with Fausto’s unique skill set to bring this successful safari company to maturity. She continually visits destinations across the region and tests the services of local providers in order to keep her knowledge current and her resources varied. Josie brings the same level of passion and expertise to the shaping and execution of expedition particulars as Fausto does to the field experience.

Josie did an amazing job of balancing our goals for our 4 trips to Africa, pacing them perfectly for the range of ages in our family. We felt that every place we stayed was ideal and her initimate knowledge of each of the regions allowed us to experience the unique highlights of the 7 counties we have visited.”  SW- Mass

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.