We have now been to Africa 5 times with Fausto, and for the last 4 of those trips, Josie prepared our itinerary. Fausto’s love and knowledge of Africa, its people and its beautiful wildlife combined with his incredible kindness to our children made us yearn to return to Africa again and again.

Josie is his equal in terms of planning fantastic trip itineraries. The trips we took, we wanted to see both how people in Africa lived and to learn more about their cultures, the different parts of the continent, as well as get a chance to see a greater diversity of animals than on our previous trips. Our trips have included visits to Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania (including the Serengeti and Zanzibar), Kenya and Rwanda.

Josie did an amazing job of balancing our goals on each of the trips and pacing them perfectly for the range of ages on our trip. We felt that every place we stayed was ideal and her knowledge of each of the regions allowed us to experience the unique highlights of each area.

I cannot speak highly enough about the two of them. All trips were extraordinary and more than met our wildest dreams.
If I can offer any further specific information, I am more than happy to do so.

Greg, Dana, Alex, Emma, Andrew, Reis White - MASS

Giving a reference for Fausto and Josie of Africa Bound Safaris is an easy thing to do. My family have just completed a year long adventure around the world; 31 countries with even more guides and ground operators. We have been keeping a list of favorite guides along the way.

All 6 of us have Fausto and Africa Bound Safaris as number 1 amid a field of really tough competitors. The reason for this is simple: Africa is extraordinary and both Fausto and Josie open its doors in an intimate, knowledgable and responsible way. Josie crafted an itinerary that built to a crescendo, all the while keeping an eye on the budget as if it were her own money. Fausto brought Africa’s complicated and inter-related geology, anthropology, zoology and evolutionary biology to life in an accessible and exceedingly effective way.

The kids learned everyday at his side. All four kids cried at our farewell dinner. That says it all. These guys are the best and we have already begun dreaming about our next chance to visit that remarkable continent with them again.

John M. Fahey, Jr. President and CEO National Geographic Society

I’m privileged to have an opportunity to recommend Fausto Carbone as guide for any group, organization, or individual visiting Sub-Saharan Africa.

I had the good fortune to travel to Southern Africa this summer with a relatively small group under the auspices of the National Geographic Society. Fausto was our guide.

He proved to be not only deeply knowledgeable of natural history and local cultures but was a superb communicator. Fausto uses an almost encyclopedic understanding of fauna and flora along with a pleasant and, at time very humorous approach, to engage his audience. I can say without hesitation that Fausto was considered by all to be a key linchpin in the trip’s overall success.

Often overlooked is the role a guide plays managing the logistics of the tour. Here again Fausto exceeded expectations and seemed to deal with a complex itinerary and its inevitable surprises with good judgement and quiet efficiency.
The National Geographic Society will surely choose Fausto Carbone to lead trips for us in the future.

SR & LR - Boston

Fausto, Our trip to Africa has been amazing because of you. You have been an unending fountain of knowledge – I truly cannot believe how much you know about so many different subjects.

You have opened our eyes not only to a new part of the world but also to a new way of understanding. You were incredible with our kids – patient, meeting each one where they were, encouraging and at the same time challenging them to think. Your entire demeanor conveys a refreshing respect for all people, animals, plants & the environment. LR

There are no words to express all you have done for our family. You have made our journey something we will cherish forever. Your incredible knowledge on countless subjects combined with your unwavering patience and kind nature made spending every moment with you a treat. Of course the way you educated our children was something to behold/admire. Of course your kindness to my mom was much appreciated. SR

IH - Los Angeles

We had the pleasure of being guided by Fausto on our three-generation family safari in Botswana last summer. We arrived in Africa confident in Josie’s excellent recommendations and impeccable planning for our two weeks in Botswana.

While the individual safari camps provide capable guides, words can hardly convey what traveling with Fausto added to our experience. The depth and breadth of his knowledge of the natural world – from the smallest insect on the ground to the farthest star in the sky – added a dimension to our journey that we would have never had without him.

As if his encyclopedic knowledge of the bush weren’t enough, Fausto is also a charming dinner companion, an expert wrangler of grandchildren and stray lens caps, and an all-around unflappable facilitator. He spared us the typical foreign country travel worries, whether shepherding us over dusty airstrips or through foreign airports. Just as Botswana left an indelible mark in our hearts, so did Fausto. We look forward to future adventures with him.

JK - Santa Barbara. Namibia, Botswana and Zambia

In July Fausto led 13 of us on a great adventure to Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. We were a family of 11 (six grand daughters, their parents and me, the grandmother) along with two friends.

The trip far exceeded our expectations. Every day had surprises and every day was an incredible learning experience. The attention to detail in the planning by Josie, paid off when the entire two weeks went off without a hitch.

This was my third trip to Africa and before going, I thought, my last. But thanks to Fausto’s guidance and amazing body of knowledge, I feel that I must return. No where is there so much magic in surroundings so simple.

JS & JS - Florida

Fausto, you were instrumental in making this one of the best experiences of my life. More than that, though, just know that in these 3 weeks you changed the vector of and enriched the lives of my 3 young boys who I hope one day will make a measurable impact in the world. You have a genuine gift, you stand tall as a human being and we are grateful to know you.

Fausto and Josie, thank you so much for such a wonderful trip. Fausto, thank you for transmitting your passion for this land and its animals in such a contagious way and with such incredible clarity – you are King of your trade. We are so grateful to Josie as well, this trip would no have been possible without her either. Josie, it was perfect down to every detail. I am so humbled by these lands and yearn to return. You have made a mark on us for which I am so thankful.

MS - New York

Fausto, Our days were filled to the brim with knowledge that will take a lifetime to absorb.

You opened our eyes to this continent that was so foreign, vast and endlessly mysterious in such a profoundly deep and moving way. You sparked a curiosity in so many way, we will be back to continue our learning – thanks with enormous respect and admiration.

If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again. Karen Blixen, – Out of Africa – Author