Namibia is a country of startling contrasts and astonishing natural wonders and is rapidly becoming a safari destination “with a difference.” Renowned for its vast, geologically exceptional landscapes and abundance of uninhabited, undulating space, Namibia is simultaneously unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful. The many national parks and games reserves boast a wide variety of wildlife, but beyond that, the fascinating culture of the desert communities and the diverse environment contribute to the ethereal and intriguing character of this country.

From the inspiring splendor of the Namib Desert with it’s majestic, deep-red dunes, to the hauntingly beautiful Skeleton Coast National Park, to the glorious Kaokaveld, to the stark yet game rich salt pans of Etosha – Namibia is challenging, provocative, and mysterious.


A coastal desert whose name means “vast place.” From its rocky, arid mountains to the dramatic, towering sand dunes of Sossuvlei, this…


The Skeleton Coast  begins to the north of the Orange River and continues across the Kunene River some 200 km into Angola.


To the extreme north-west of Namibia, the Kunene River cuts a swathe through rugged mountains and vast sweeping dunes…


Etosha owes its unique landscape to Etosha Pan. Once an inland lake millions of years before the continental shift, it is now a vast, shallow depression, eerily pale in contrast to the predominant redness of the surrounding desert landscapes. Sprinkled with water holes, this natural oasis attracts a multitude of bird varieties as well as mammals. The Etosha National Park in the north has been Namibia’s prime game-viewing destination since 1907, comprising an area of 22,270 square km that is home to a multitude of rare species including Black Rhino.