Travelling with a dedicated and knowledgeable private guide/naturalist enables our guests to enjoy a unique and enriching safari experience. You will benefit from the extensive knowledge and wilderness experience of your private guide, who will provide consistent and detailed interpretation of the flora, fauna and culture of the areas you visit, as well as  work in tandem with the resident guides who will share their intimate local knowledge.

Your guide will travel with you for the entire trip, meeting you on arrival and facilitating the logistics of your safari every step of the way. This allows your guide to really get to know your group well and to understand the specific needs and interests of the individuals traveling together, while respecting the need for privacy and down time.

In summary, since no-one wants a “one size fits all” safari, having a private guide elevates your trip to a new level: providing a great amount of flexibility in planning your trip, while ensuring a safe and superbly executed safari experience.

Fausto Carbone Bio

Born in North Africa to Italian parents, Fausto moved to Zimbabwe, from the Congo with his family in 1974. It was here, as a teenager, that his passion for wildlife and his love of the bush took hold.Curious and observant by nature, Fausto learned all that he could in those early years about mammals, insects, birds and astronomy.

As a college student, he took a detour into Civil Engineering. Soon after qualifying  in ’86 he switched gears and became a professional guide, leading canoeing and walking safaris.

Years on and many adventures later, Fausto continues to lead and guide individuals, families and groups (including university and professional photographic and television teams) through Southern, East and West Africa and the Congo Basin. He is able to inspire and captivate the imagination of his guests through his knowledge, deep respect for nature and his outstanding interpretative skills. He sees his role as a guide to be multi-faceted:  teacher, tracker, conservationist and eye-opener!

Equally confident and at ease guiding professional groups or families, Fausto particularly enjoys imparting his knowledge to children on family safaris. He truly believes that knowledgeable kids will be good stewards of the land and will preserve their heritage for future generations.

Fausto’s knowledge and respect for all facets of the natural world, as well as his unending curiosity, good humour and patience, make him a memorable and inspirational guide.