SOUTH AFRICA is a country rich in history, natural wonders, wildlife and culture, all of which combine to offer travelers to this part of the world a unique and rewarding experience. Positioned at the tip of the continent,

South Africa has 3,000 km of stunning and varied coastline stretching from the temperate Cape in the west to the subtropical northern regions bordering Mozambique in the east. Its immensely diverse terrain supports rich wild life, bird life and unique plant life. Its melting pot of cultures makes for exotic and colorful cities and towns each with their own regional flavor.


Situated on the south-western tip of Africa and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It is a very cosmopolitan city, feeling both African and European at the same time. It is  the oldest city in South Africa and has a rich cultural heritage spanning more than 400 years.


One of the oldest and largest game reserves in Africa, the park boasts a tremendous variety of game and bird life in its numerous habitats.  A number of private game reserves border the Kruger Park on its western boundary. As there is no fence between the park and the private reserves, and the game is free to roam.