Family Safaris

One of our most popular safaris is the “multi-generational family safari”. Whether families, separated by generation or geography, coming together on a safari to Africa is an educational, life-changing AND unifying experience. One sure way to get grandparents and grandchildren “speaking the same language” again is to take the family into the bush away from cell phones, computer games and material distractions! It is a privilege to watch the rekindling and strengthening of family connections around a camp fire under African skies! 

The impact that a wilderness experience has on children, is unimaginable! Not only can it influence their future, but it has the potential to help them understand and ultimately respect all forms of nature and our natural resources. We have found that children as young as six or seven years old are very receptive to their safari experience. 

Travelling with Fausto  can further enhance the experience and we have the proven knowledge and expertise to plan and pace the perfect family safari, taking into account the varied ages and interests of the group. 

We have now been to Africa with our three children 4 times with Fausto as our guide and  Josie  has prepared our itineraries. Fausto’s love and knowledge of Africa, its people and its beautiful wildlife combined with his incredible kindness to our children made us yearn to return to Africa again and again. 

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa. John Hemingway (American Author)