Botswana is the envy of the continent: a land of staggering beauty, exceptional biodiversity, and spectacular game. The famed oasis of the Okavango Delta is a lush and sprawling wilderness, one of the last pristine wetlands left on earth. From above, it is a web of waterways and open grasslands, dotted with palm islands. The drier Selinda and Linyanti regions are a patchwork of floodplains and marshes, lined by magnificent riverine forests and driermopane woodlands. At the heart of Botswana lies the immense, ancient Makgadikgadi Salt Pan, offering contrasting and varied experiences. These diverse, and remote areas of Botswana offer truly prolific and diverse wildlife viewing experience whilst private concessions,  accessible only by air,  allow for  for perfect safari solitude.


The World’s largest inland Delta, covering 16000 square kilometers, is a unique wetland that naturally supports and sustains a vast medley of wildlife.


These adjacent wildlife areas are well known for their ever-changing vistas, from dry pans and open plains to riverine and woodland habitats.


In stark contrast to the Okavango oasis, these two desert regions are astonishing in their outstanding beauty and rich historical origins. Ostensibly, dry, endless…